The time to review what clients think about your product or service can be somewhat
intimidating, even more so when we choose to provide other clients the opportunity to
examine the thoughts and opinions of the general customer-base.
However, it has been proven that a client who expresses his/her opinion about the
product is more likely to return and purchase the critiqued product or service again
(even if they were not satisfied with it initially!) than those who have not expressed
their opinion.

Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising available. When a company strives to build and maintain customer satisfaction, Positive Word of Mouth (PWOM) will drive steady product and service sales.

Studies have shown that UNsatisfied customers, if their problems with the product/service are solved correctly and quickly, have the highest loyalty to the product/service. This means transforming Negative Word of Mouth (NWOM) into Positive Word of Mouth (PWOM)!


Complaints vs Loyalty

IMPORTANT: First of all, the quicker a problem is solved the more likely the customer is to buy your product or service again (81% of customers who had a complaint that was solved came back to buy the same product from the same company). Second, when a customer has a complaint, solve it! In contrast when a difficulty is not resolved, customers are 40 to 70% less likely to return. Even when the problem is not able to be resolved, be sure the customer has the full opportunity to express their opinions. Doing so ensures a 40% chance that the customer will return versus a 10% chance when they do not make a complaint.


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