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General Info

Client: Tuc Tuk - Social Network
Date: December 2007
Service: Web Design
Location: World Wide


Business Challenge

Tuc Tuk’s project was very ambitious, to design a clean and powerful layout to compete with all the other social networks. In other words, it had to look better, work better and be the easiest to use. Tuc Tuk was created on the premise of simplicity. This was definitely one of our biggest challenges because it had to be not only nice on the eye, but also effortless to use so members would come back again and again everyday.


Customer Review

"Without our design we would have had no chances to survive. Our new look and feel has also helped us a lot while fundraising. Thanks GD Design!".
Javier Suarez - Founder

Tuc Tuk
Tuc Tuk
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