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Client: Dr. Guillermo Montoya Martínez
Service: Web Development
Location: Mexico City, México
URL: www.urologiamexicana.com


Business Challenge

Urología Mexicana.com has a huge motor engine behind it (Yes, Google®). This website is not only working very well because of its simple, easy to go through and clear design, but also because there is an enormous engine working on it 24/7. Two features were added in order to enhance its performance. First of all, Google Analytics® were added and configured to measure, track, and analyze its performance. Now Dr. Montoya can see who is searching in the web and exactly from which city. Second, Google Adwords®, one of the best Return On Investments (ROI) tools on the web, brings in new visitors while making sure they are the right type of visitors.


Customer Review

"It is always satisfactory to receive more than you expect. The website performance is optimum due to the solemnity and professionalism that reflects itself. These values are always hard to print".
Dr. Guillermo Montoya Martínez- Specialist in Laparoscopy

Urologia Mexicana
Urologia Mexicana
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